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The Generosity Project S02E01

We’ve done this before with Phyllis. Last year.
But this time it’s like talking to another person. This Facebook Live will be with the real Phyllis, that woman who’s walking her path. In June 2017, she claimed to launch courses, webinars, and do keynotes. She said she will stop hiding.
Guess what: She did it!
Let’s find out what makes her execute on her ideas while most people keep struggling precisely with the execution part.
“If the way we do things doesn’t work, then it’s time to change them. We are the change makers after all and it’s time to take action. Isn’t it?
I can’t give you a bio about myself. I can only tell you what I believe in:
I believe in people and in their strength. I believe in the potential in every single one of us; a potential that awaits to be discovered. I believe in a world where everyone shines her/ his light without fear and judgment.
I believe in you and the gifts you bring to the world.”
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A Minute Of Phyllis

Full Interview

Phyllis Gabriel told us how she overcame her inner voice, that mindset is key to learn, how to train your memory, and that the new skills and that the top skill of the 21st century is meta-learning.

Recording of a Facebook Live with Phyllis Gabriel on October 18th, 2018
You can watch the recording will all the comments and replies here.