What to say and post when it’s your turn

..and it’s always your turn, how Seth Godin used to say.

What to say when it’s your turn? I have an answer to that question which might also work for you. But I need some lines to make a point.

Most brands have tried Facebook, and it went well for quite a long time. Someday the reach dropped, and they invested more effort into Instagram. Then, everybody stated that video should be THE THING so they started shooting video with a mobile phone, they considered YouTube again and maybe doing some IG & FB Live. Maybe they should go back on Facebook and revise their Paid Ads strategy.

Even though you have tried lots of those tactics, you never had any significant results that led to lasting growth. (been there, done that)

The reason is simple: Clarity is missing!

But clarity is not only about your marketing and business efforts. It’s mostly about your beliefs & your integrity which reflects how you present yourself to the world.

Inner engineering: That’s where the real breakthrough happens.

Being aware of your limiting beliefs is not enough. Leaving the victim mode and taking full responsibility about your life, personally and professionally, doing new things that lead to new experiences will help you to reprogram yourself, to build new habits, to break old patterns. That’s how leveling up looks like.

No budget, no strategy, no tactics, no tech equipment will help you get where you wanna be. Most people don’t look inside themselves because they are afraid to see things they can’t make unseen. The stuff they will have to change that keeps them in their comfort zone. The only thing I can promise you that comes from my experience is that you’ll be surprised how much love awaits you on the other side. You are not alone, even though you might feel that nobody understands you.

Dare to look, then, dare to speak your TRUTH!
That’s what you’re supposed to say when it’s your turn.