The Generosity Project 26 feat. Joanna Dandelia

Who is Joanna Dandelia?

“I would describe myself as a passionate results-focused perfectionist with a heavy dose of entrepreneurial thinking and creativity. I believe in delivering team – effort results. We must keep in mind that skills such as negotiation, promotion of ideas, events, and goals along with crisis management and “public” or “private” relations are essential for the every aspect of our life. My “moto” is that life is full of moments ready to be captured and “lived” to its full… Time is one of our most precious assets. We value that, along with the appreciation of life, friends, love, and happiness. “For all we know we are people and thus, searching, not in books or in stars but in thyself, in our minds and souls, in our blood, we seek redemption from the past and knowledge for the future” (Herman Hesse).”

Facebook: Joanna.Dandelia
Twitter: @joannadandelia
Instagram: joannadandelia
Linkedin: Ioanna Dandelia

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