Demetra Jiova

The Law Of Attraction
and The Quantum Way Of Live

The Generosity Project S02E07

Demetra Jiova was the first Spiritual Teacher who gave me a different view on the Law of Attraction.
I love the way she’s putting things into perspective with simple words and examples… because actually, it is simple.

I am pretty sure if you hear her talking you will be enchanted as well… so don’t miss this Facebook Live on Monday :)

About Demetra:
Demetra is a Spiritual Teacher based in Los Angeles and through Private Sessions, Seminars and Workshops, both online and in person, she is altering people’s lives all around the world with her 5D Miracles Method. She teaches you how to embrace a Quantum Way of Living: The Quantum Life! Her teachings are deeply unique and radical, only a few other people around the world teach or work with similar ideas.

About the 5D Miracle Method:
A unique platform where Quantum Physics meets the Law of Attraction!
By utilizing the 11 dimensions, the M theory and the properties of the TimeSpace continuum, the method changes drastically and easily your belief/thought systems and thus your 4th-dimensional experience of life. Often the changes occur within a day or days.
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What’s The Generosity Project about

In this Facebook Live, Demetra Jiova talks about Quantum Physics, The Law of Attraction (which is the Law of Tuning In), emotions, pain, anger, love, religions, and… and.. and!

I highly encourage you to watch it.. again, and again!
There’s so much value in it!

Recording of a Facebook Live with Demetra Jiova on November 19th, 2018
You can watch the recording will all the comments and replies here.