Christos Nikas

Why and How to Build and Lead Communities

The Generosity Project S02E05

Christos Nikas is a category on its own. He has a vision that’s not about himself, nor about his business, it’s about the whole industry. He unites competitors, pushes the boundaries and leads an entire community of competitors to level up.
His level of caring and his posture of generosity is just outstanding.
“I have studied Visual Communication and spent several years running my creative studio, specializing in corporate identity, logo design and restaurant/cafe advertising.
I joined the creative world of events back in 1996, serving the industry as a wedding DJ and an event entertainment professional since this very day.
I am the founder/owner of 2 event entertainment firms (Wedding Republic & MirrorBooth) and the founder/organizer of WDJC (Greece’s Wedding DJ Convention) and DJ Masterclasses (business workshops for Mobile DJs)
I always believed that you have to give so you can make space for new things to come.
I also -firmly- believe in the value that comes from the community; the greatness that can be accomplished together with other people, as opposed to the struggle that comes with separation and isolation.
This is why I grind daily, trying to motivate other wedding DJs to connect with each other, care for one another, help one another, develop work ethics and see the true value of healthy competition.”
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What’s The Generosity Project about

Christos told us in this Facebook Live why it’s beneficial to be part of a community, what drives him to keep giving to his community, even though they are competitors in business, and how and when to level up as a professional.

Recording of a Facebook Live with Christos Nikas on November 12th, 2018
You can watch the recording will all the comments and replies here.