From Hollywood to Wellness Amdassador

The Generosity Project S02E04

ABOUT Ginka:
Ginka Kostova is an entrepreneur, visual effects artist and passionate about wellness.

She spent 15 years in Los Angeles and around the world, working on high profile movies for studios like Disney Animation, Dreamworks, Sony Pictures and Digital Domain. Working long hours and sacrificing sleep and rest for years, made her realize that our health and wellness are some of the most important things in life. And so she left her successful career in Hollywood to start a brand for incredibly comfortable bedding.

Combining her childhood interest in textiles and her passion for wellness, she is now the owner of two brands for luxury bed sheets in the USA and in Europe. But her vision didn’t stop here – she is now pursuing a new path as a holistic health practitioner, hoping to influence people to take care of themselves and to live a better life.”
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What’s The Generosity Project about

Ginka Kostova was there! She lived the American dream of working in Hollywood. She was part of movies that were nominated for an Academy Award. From the Polar Express to Captain America. She was part of bringing some of my daughter’s favorite heroes to the big screen
But she left this career behind.

Her humility is so rare and her vision to change this world for the better is remarkable so that I had to invite her for the Generosity Project.

Tune in and get inspired by Ginka’s journey.

Recording of a Facebook Live with Ginka Kostova on November 5th, 2018
You can watch the recording will all the comments and replies here.