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I Am In Love

Being in Love! Such an intense experience. It can be heaven on earth, but it also can feel like hell when it's over. By redefining the experience of BEING IN LOVE, I felt massive relief on my journey to inner peace. I hope that the following words might serve you as well in the same context.

What to say and post when it’s your turn

..and it’s always your turn, how Seth Godin used to say. I have an answer to that question which might also work for you. But I need some lines to make a point.

Rethink Content-Creation To Maximize Results

What most businesses do is wanting to reach a wider audience by researching what's hot and trendy and then trying to fit into these trends, one post at a time, again and again, moving farther away from their unique Brand DNA.

Αφυπνισμένος Επαγγελματίας; Τι είναι αυτό;

Θέλει τρέλα! Αυτό είναι σίγουρο όπως…