Aninia Schwanhäußer & Daniela Razocher

A Talk About Integrity

The Generosity Project S02E02

Aninia & Daniela are change makers in the best possible meaning.
I had the opportunity to work with Aninia during Seth Godin’s altMBA. Since then we have made lots of conversations about life, human behavior and how to overcome daily challenges.
I had the chance to participate in one of their online Embodied Inquiry Groups where I met Daniela. I noticed instantly that both, Aninia & Daniela, have something in common: They both shine in situations most people feel uncomfortable because they share the same passion and curiosity to find ways to help people living a life with integrity.
Aninia & Daniela are experts for body-based coaching and bodywork.
They offer practical body-based tools and methods that enable individuals and groups to master challenges and problems by strengthening their sense of integrity. Their embodied approach integrates mental, emotional and physical aspects of their clients’ experience and aims at fostering personal integrity. They consider integrity as the basis of confidence and daring to be utterly, honestly human.
Aninia & Daniela work in Austria, Denmark, Germany, and Ireland, offering both one-to-one coaching and bodywork as well as workshops and online formats.
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